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Brian Hill and Dee Power's latest book, The Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Business PlansThe Pocket Small Business Owner's Guide to Business Plans shows you how to create a business plan from start to finish. Order your copy now.

The Making of a Bestseller

The Making of a Bestseller Success Stories From Authors and the Editors, Agents and Booksellers Behind Them

Inside Secrets To Venture Capital Inside Secrets to Venture Capital The inside story on finding the venture capital your business needs to grow.

Attracting Capital Attracting Capital From Angels How Their Money and Their Experience Can Help You Build a Successful Company

The Essential Guide for Authors and Writers: 28 Day Action Plan Make Money Online

The Essential Guide for Authors and Writers: 28 Day Action Plan Make Money Online Whether you've written a nonfiction book, a novel, or a short report, this guide shows you the way to making money. It doesn't matter whether your book is commercially published or self-published.

There are millions, yes literally millions, of books on, most of them self-published. Authors and writers have a tendency to think once they get their book "out there," that's the end of it. They have no idea their book is competing with millions of other books. They think their job is finished once they write that phrase "The End" in the last chapter. Not so.

Other writers struggle to find new clients. Or perhaps they want to earn money from their writing through affiliate sales or from selling their own product, whether it's private label rights content, a guide book or how to report.

Would you go on a road trip without a map or GPS service? Probably not. Would you take off in your car without packing any clothes, food, or personal products? Again probably not. Would you go off into the sunset without filling the car with gas and checking the water, oil and tires? Of course not.

But that's what many writers do. They throw their book up on Amazon and hope for the best.

Or they create a blog for their AdSense account or to earn money from affiliate sales.

They put together a website that shows off their writing skills to find new ghostwriting clients.

And when they end smack up against a road block to sales they wonder why.

The Essential Guide for Authors and Writers: 28 Day Action Plan Make Money Online works if you're a freelance writer looking to boost your client base, a ghostwriter looking for new projects, or an author wanting to sell his/her book. Discover Exactly What to Do to:

select keywordsSelect Keywords to Unlock Your Niche

facebookHarness the Power of Facebook

post on forumsFunnel New Readers to Your Book Through Forums

make money onlineStart From Scratch or Boost Your Established Blog

find freelancing clientsHave Freelancing Clients Contact You

28 day action planEstablish Yourself as an Expert

You don't need to know a lot of technical stuff or coding. If you don't already have a blog, this guide gets you started. You also don't need much money, just enough to buy a domain, hosting, a couple graphics and a few other resources. You'll spend less than $50.

There's nothing else you need. No sneaky OTO that's Internet marketing speak for one time offer. No upsells. What's an upsell? Again it's Internet marketing speak. You've bought the product and before you go to the download page you're hit with a sales pitch for another product that you absolutely must buy to become successful. And that product costs more than the one you just bought.

We do have other Essential Guides for writers. And hopefully you'll find this guide so helpful that you'll want to get the other guides. BUT you don't have to. The Essential Guide for Authors and Writers: 28 Day Action Plan Make Money Online stands alone. Only $12.97.