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How to Earn Money on the Internet With Your Writing

You're a Writer and You'd Like to Earn Some Extra Cash? Become a Ghost.

Ghostwriting articles

You have to have some writing talent to ghostwrite articles. You do need to be organized, able to research topics quickly, summarize the main points and write the article in a clear way, with correct spelling and grammar. The article length can range from 200 words to 1000 words or more. Payment is usually by the word. For beginners, a 500 word article can be sold for about $5.00. An accomplished ghostwriter can charge up to $30 for a 500 word article.

Usually you have two to three days to complete an article. The client gives you the topic and any key words that must be included in the article. How long it takes to write the article is dependent upon how much you already know about the topic and how quickly you can find the materials you need to research the topic.

There are several freelancing websites that match writers with clients. You can also post your offer to write on Internet marketing related websites like Digital Forum and The Warriors Forum.

If you have knowledge of a topic, such as dog care, or travel, you can approach membership sites that pertain to your topic to see if they are hiring ghostwriters. Some of these sites pay by the article and some pay for a certain amount of contracted articles per month. You share the payment with the site owner.

Ghostwriting ezine articles Many Internet marketers depend on articles posted in article directory sites such as ezinearticles.com and goarticles.com to drive traffic to their websites. You can be hired to ghostwrite the articles, and after approval, post them to the various directory sites.

Ghostwriting short reports, longer reports and ebooks There is some controversy about when a long report becomes an ebook. A commercially published nonfiction book usually has a minimum of 50,000 words which is about 125 pages. Ebooks range from 5000 words, about 13 pages, to 50,000 words. Some ebooks contain as little as 250 words per page. How many words are on each page determines how much time the book will take to write. Generally a short report is 1000 to 2000 words, and a long report from 2500 to 5000 words. It's important to specify how many words will be on a page if you are dealing with someone who wants a 30 page ebook for example. The rate is from $10 to $20 per page, 400 to 500 words on each page.

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